The Humanitarian Hub has developed training to help support our volunteers and engage people in the community who are thinking about volunteering with us. Training is provided in small groups (maximum 20 people) in a 3-hour session and covers:

  • The Hub, our organisations and volunteering with us.
  • Working with cross-cultural competency.
  • Trauma informed care and support.
  • Setting professional boundaries when volunteering.

Training is encouraged for all our new volunteers and is also open to anyone who is considering volunteering with our organisations.

Sessions are usually held during the day at JRS Westmead or House of Welcome, Granville, and evenings at Asylum Seekers Centre, Newtown.

You can sign up online via the Hub’s Events page.

Additional online training will soon be available through the Hub. Topics covered in our online sessions will include:

  • Volunteering in Australia
  • Our sector and the journeys of those we support
  • The processes of seeking protection in Australia
  • Working with a human rights based approach
  • Effective communication skills
  • Mental health and wellbeing for workers
  • Advocacy and building more welcoming communities.

Further details about online training will be provided shortly.

For any questions, please contact the Hub:

Come along to training