A key feature of the Humanitarian Hub is the development of core training for all our volunteers. By providing standardised, foundational training we aim to support all our volunteers in the very important work that they do.

The Humanitarian Hub is now accepting enrolments for our core training for volunteers. You can sign up online via the Hub’s Events page.

Please note, at this stage we are only accepting enrolments for current volunteers – those already working with us. Once our current volunteer workforce has completed training we will open up enrolments to all those interested in volunteering with us.

Training will cover:

  • Session One:
    • The Hub, our organisations and NAPSA
    • Volunteering and our sector
    • The journeys of those we help and seeking asylum in Australia
    • Working with a human rights approach
    • Working with cross-cultural competency.
  • Session Two:
    • Refresh (session one)
    • Working with interpreters
    • Mental health and wellbeing
    • Boundaries and the ethics of mentoring
    • Working with people who have experienced trauma
    • Community advocacy and other ways to help.

Our core training will provide strategies to enhance understanding, safety and capacity across our volunteer workforce. Additional training resources will be provided through the Hub to our registered volunteers to support further learning and show pathways to qualifications useful for our sector. We hope to provide our volunteers with the skills and knowledge to not only work with us but to continue to advocate for those we help.