At the beginning of 2016, organisations in NSW working with people seeking asylum formed an alliance – the NSW Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (NAPSA) – to increase efficiencies and ensure greater collective impact.

The NSW Humanitarian Hub grew from this collaboration, with four organisations – The Asylum Seekers Centre, The House of Welcome, The Jesuit Refugee Service and The Refugee Advice and Casework Service – bringing together their volunteer resources to strengthen their support services for people seeking protection in NSW.



NAPSA launch “Compassion over cruelty” campaign

In October 2017 NAPSA launched a successful crowdfunding campaign in response to the Government’s removal of safe housing and living allowance for people seeking asylum. Over a hundred people, who had been brought to Australia from Manus Island or Nauru for urgent medical treatment, suddenly faced the prospect of homelessness and further poverty. NAPSA’s appeal raised over $17,000 in a very short time, allowing for immediate services to be put in place. The collective compassion and goodwill of NAPSA’s supporters truly made a difference to the lives of an incredibly vulnerable group of people.


“Welcome to the Humanitarian Hub.

Our values are Welcome, Dignity and Justice.

The Hub is a collaborative project. We may come from different places, different backgrounds, and have different beliefs. What brings us together is our common goal.

The organisations of the Hub support refugees and people seeking asylum in our community. We want to make people who come to Australia seeking protection feel welcome, acknowledge their dignity and help ensure their access to justice. We believe in the richness of a diverse community, a multicultural nation grounded in equality, fair process and the right to live in safety. We respect people’s differences and ask for the same respect. We work with people of all faiths and beliefs.

The Humanitarian Hub exists to support our volunteers. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. They each have their own stories, experiences, skills and passions. They help enrich our communities in so many wonderful ways. Our volunteers are fundamental to the work that we do. We greatly value their abilities, their dedication and their generosity.”